Forsythia Privacy Hedge

First Flowering of Spring !

3-4 FT. Forsythia  Reg $39.95 NOW $6.95 each (cases of 12 = $83.40)

The graceful, arching branches of the Forsythia create a natural hedge around a large garden or yard. The bright-yellow spring flowers brighten the last drab days of winter, providing a glimpse of a rapidly approaching spring. Whether used as a hedge, border planting or a focal point, forsythia will do wonders for your home. 

Forsythias are popular due to early spring flowering . They are grown and prized for being tough, reliable garden plants and are very fast growing. The flowers are produced in the early spring before the leaves, bright yellow with a deeply four-lobed flower, the petals joined only at the base.  

If you are interested in arborvitae please click the link below.

6 FT Arborvitae - $59.00/per tree


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